The Premium Blunt Hemp Wrap:
Elevate your Products

At BLUNTD, we’ve spent 15 years meticulously crafting the future of smoking with premium blunt hemp wraps. These aren’t just pre-rolls; they’re an investment in brand elevation and customer loyalty. Imagine superior construction, consistent burns, and the naturally smooth elegance of hemp, all optimized for efficiency. Impress your audience with this luxurious experience that sets you apart while streamlining operations with our bulk solutions. Partner with BLUNTD and ignite your brand’s success with sustainable smoking solutions.

Premium Hemp Wrap Blunts

We know All About Blunt Hemp Wrap!

For 15 years, BLUNTD has been the architect of innovation, meticulously shaping the landscape of premium smoking experiences. From crafting iconic hemp wraps for brands like Cookies, Old Pal, and Connected to pioneering groundbreaking glass tip technology, we’re the hidden hand building the future of luxury. Whether you’re a rising star or an established titan, BLUNTD offers the expertise and solutions to elevate your hemp wrap blunt offerings and ignite your brand’s success.

Unsurpassed Quality:

Our larger hemp wraps, available in various sizes, deliver superior construction and consistent burns, virtually eliminating returns and ensuring customer satisfaction, which translates to repeat business and increased loyalty.

Glass Advantage:

Signature glass tips provide exceptional smoothness and coolness, enhancing flavor profiles and minimizing harshness.

Elevate Your Offering:

Elevate your brand and captivate your audience with a luxurious smoking experience unlike any other.

Streamlined Efficiency:

Reduce production time and minimize labor costs with pre-rolled cones and blunts, optimizing your bottom line for increased profitability.

Bulk Solutions:

Meet your high-volume demands and streamline your operations with our customizable bulk solutions. We offer flexible packaging and branding options to match your existing product line perfectly.

Ready to dominate the market? Contact us today and discover how BLUNTD glass tip hemp blunt wraps can elevate your offerings, streamline your operations, and ignite your brand’s success. A limited-time offer is available!


BLUNTD’s dedication to craft excellence extends to transparent pricing. Our premium glass tip hemp blunt wraps deliver exceptional value, elevating your brand and customer satisfaction. Join us and ignite your success together.