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Crafted From 100% Hemp Paper

We are passionate about providing high-quality pre-rolled cones and hemp wraps made from natural hemp. Our products are ideal for those seeking a convenient and enjoyable smoking experience. We use premium glass filter tips for smooth smoke and offer a variety of sizes and styles to meet your preferences. We are committed to innovation and excellence in the pre-rolled cone industry within the USA.

Our Experience

BLUNTD CONES elevates your herbal blend experience with our premium pre-rolled hemp cones. Crafted from 100% natural hemp, our tobacco-free and nicotine-free wraps offer an exceptionally smooth smoke. We take hemp cone rolling papers to a whole new level, ensuring a clean and enjoyable experience.

Hemp Blunt Wraps
100% Hemp Plant

Proprietary herbal blend, making the perfect hemp blunt wraps

Best Hemp Wraps
Best Hemp Wraps Around

Trusted by top brands such as Cookies, Stiiizy, and more

Leaf Wraps
Over 15 Years of Experience

We know our industry, and have a history making leaf wraps

More About BLUNTD Cones

BLUNTD CONES elevates your dry herb experience with our premium pre-rolled cones crafted from 100% natural hemp. Thanks to high-grade glass tips, these tobacco-free and nicotine-free wraps ensure a smooth smoke and luxurious feel. Our proprietary process guarantees consistent quality in every pre-rolled cone. BLUNTD CONES is committed to sustainability with eco-friendly hemp materials. Explore our variety of pre-rolled cone sizes and styles to find the perfect fit for your needs. Upgrade your dry herb experience with BLUNTD CONES today!