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BLUNTD – Premium Hemp Wrap Cones

Premium Hemp Blunts

High-Quality Hemp blunts
BLUNTD – Premium Hemp Wrap Cones

Best Pre-Rolled Cones

Slow Burning Blunt Cones
BLUNTD – Premium Hemp Wrap Cones

Glass Blunt Tips

Using The Finest Glass Filter
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Ceramic Tipped

Pre-rolled Cones

Why Choose BLUNTD Cones



With a rich history of industry insight and extensive experience, we proudly stand as your trusted supplier, committed to delivering the highest quality blunt and pre-roll cones available.

​​Pure Alternatives

Elevate with our hemp blunt and paper pre-roll cones. Experience heightened purity with our tobacco-free blunt cones crafted from hemp wrap and paper. Each draw is smooth, satisfying, and clean, setting the gold standard for a truly alternative smoking indulgence.

Enhance Your Products

Whether you’re a processor or manufacturer, BLUNTD CONES offers a distinctive advantage in elevating your products. Explore our range to see why we’re the preferred choice for excellence.

Bluntd Cones Top Sellers

  • Smooth & Slow Burning Hemp Wraps

  • Use Our Bulk Discounts and SAVE MORE!

We Know All About Blunts & Pre-Roll Cones!

With over 15 years of industry experience, we’re your trusted source. Whether you’re a brand or a manufacturing partner, trust in our expertise as we redefine excellence in the pre-rolled cone and hemp wrap blunt industry.

Competitive Pricing

At BLUNTD CONES, we understand the importance of competitive bulk pricing. Our commitment to delivering uncompromised quality is matched by our dedication to offering you competitive rates in the market. Experience the perfect balance of quality and affordability with our wholesale pre-rolled cones.

Tailored to Your Brand’s Vision

Have specific requirements or requests for your brand? Reach out to us! We’re dedicated to customizing orders, leveraging our extensive experience to deliver premium products that seamlessly align with your brand vision.

Uncompromised Quality

Ready-to-ship or custom-designed? We offer bulk hemp wrap blunts & pre-roll cones for any need. Contact us today: wholesale solutions await!

Bulk pre-roll cones for your business or personal needs. Shop Bluntd for high-quality hemp wrap cones in wholesale quantities.

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