Bulk pre-roll cones for your business or personal needs. Shop Bluntd for high-quality hemp cones in wholesale quantities.


At BLUNTD, we forge the future of smoking with 15 years of master craftsmanship. Our premium ceramic tip cones aren’t just pre-rolled perfection – they’re an investment in brand elevation and customer loyalty.

Imagine superior construction, flawless burns, heat-resistant elegance, and streamlined efficiency. Impress your audience with a luxurious experience that sets you apart, all while optimizing your operations with bulk solutions. Partner with BLUNTD and ignite your brand’s success.


We know All About Rolling Cones!

For 15 years, BLUNTD has been the silent force behind some of the biggest names in the game, meticulously crafting the foundation for iconic experiences like Cookies, Old Pal, and Connected. Whether you’re building a rising star or optimizing production for established brands, BLUNTD delivers the expertise and solutions you can trust.

Elevate your offerings with superior quality, operational efficiency, and seamless integration – all tailored to your unique needs. Partner with BLUNTD and unlock the potential for your brand to ignite the next chapter of smoking excellence.

Competitive Pricing

Unleash superior value with BLUNTD. Our bulk pricing strategies are tailored to your volume needs, consistently beating market averages.

Tailored to Your Brand’s Vision

Seeking unique specifications? BLUNTD’s experts collaborate with you to craft our ceramic tips premium pre-rolled cones that seamlessly embody your brand vision.

Uncompromised Quality

Our innovative ceramic tip pre-rolled joints unlock the hidden notes of your finest papers thanks to consistent airflow that prevents hot spots and amplifies the natural aroma. Discover the taste revolution today.

Ready to elevate your brand? Get a custom quote and ignite your BLUNTD partnership today!

Bulk pre-roll cones for your business or personal needs. Shop Bluntd for high-quality hemp cones in wholesale quantities.


Craft your signature smoke. BLUNTD’s unrivaled customization options let you design premium ceramic tip pre-rolled cones that ignite your brand’s fire. From eye-catching cigar labels to innovative joint cap covers, express your unique style with every puff. Stand out in the market and captivate your customers with experiences built around your vision. Dive into our customization studio and spark your brand’s success today!

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